Doctor Dentist Izabela Skok-Bosko

Welcome to the website of the Izabela Skok-Bosko Dental Office located in Białystok at ul. The colony of Dojlidy 15A. Izabela Skok-Bosko's office offers a wide range of services in the field general dentistry and prosthetics, and pediatric dentistry. Professional, friendly service, friendly atmosphere and low prices result in patient satisfaction.

The doctor has over twenty years of experience. Professionalism, pleasant atmosphere and friendly attitude towards each patient make both children and adults forget about fear and anxiety, which are usually associated with dental treatment. Izabela Skok-Bosko is a dentist with a dental practice specializing in family dentistry.

Our mission is to create a great atmosphere and help our patients to get rid of their fears, experience a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere while waiting and during dental procedures. Current treatments are carried out almost every time using anesthesia, and combined with the pleasant atmosphere of the interior and the friendly service of the team, the whole creates a really wonderful, relaxing atmosphere.

An unquestionable advantage of the Clinic is also the possibility to schedule a visit that is convenient for the Patient, even on Saturdays, and in an emergency also on Sundays.

I encourage you to visit the dental clinic of Izabela Skok-Bosko and take care of your smile!

For information, prices and appointments, call the office: 85-741-62-02
or directly to the doctor, cell: 514-391-988